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7 days to 2 days before the day of the tour 30%
The day before the tour 40%
The day of the tour (before start time) 50%
No show/Cancellation after the tour has left 100%
7 days to 2 days before the day of the tour 30%
The day before the tour 40%
The day of the tour (before start time) 50%
No show/Cancellation after the tour has left 100%



6-Day Sunrise Highlights (Hotel Superior With Breakfast) (One Way from Tokyo to Kyoto)

  • Nijubashi Bridge ©TCVB

  • Mt.Fuji

  • Kenrokuen Garden ©金沢市

  • Tour Details

1. This route lets customers enjoy Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Kyoto in a span of 6 days.
2. As free time is allotted at Kanazawa (Day 3 afternoon) and Kyoto (Day 4 afternoon), feel free to enjoy your own time checking out some sushi and ramen shops as well as shops selling various items.
3. A safe, worry-free trip is guaranteed as this sightseeing tour is accompanied by a National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter!
4. This tour promotes Environment(Eco)-friendly efforts, Cross-cultural Understanding, and Social Contribution as stated under Sunrise Tours' Sustainable Development Goals.
Please check the following page for details. http://jtbgmt.com/en/g-web/sdgs
  This is a carbon offset product where a portion of the tour booking charge is spent on renewable energy. By converting CO2 emissions during the tour to green energy, it's possible to contribute to activities protecting the planet's future.

  • Tour Overview
Req. to Run Tour
Req. per Booking
Guide Service
Not Available
Tour Guide/Conductor Language
Not Available
Audio Guide
Not Available
Tangential multilingual assistant or multilingual reception accepted
Not Available
Meeting Place/Time
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Main Tower 3F JTB Sunrise Tours Sales Office
Accommodation charges; Hotel breakfast; Day 1 Lunch; Day 5 Lunch; National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter; Other admission fees and transportation costs included in the tour
Not Included
Lunch (except Day 1 & Day 5); Transportation expenses from the tour end location to the hotel on Day 1 & Day 3; Transportation expenses from the hotel to the tour departure location on Day 2; Transportation expenses between Kanazawa Station and the hotel on Day 2 & Day 4
  • Remarks
Planning Company:JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.
Address:2-3-14 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agent (No. 1723) A member of the Japan Association of Travel

<[Operation Conditions/Tour Conditions]
- If the minimum number of participants (1) is not met by 14 days before the scheduled date, or due to other operational management circumstances, the tour on that date may be canceled.
- The last reception day (reservation deadline) is 5 days prior to the tour at 0:00.
- If the tour is canceled, customers will be notified by the conducting company or their travel agent.
- The itinerary displayed on the booking screen is the final itinerary.
- This is a special tour for international visitors. Please understand that residents of Japan cannot make bookings for this tour.
- Please check the infection countermeasures on the following website before participating.
 Website: <a href=https://www.sunrise-tours.jp/en/ target="blank" class="link">https://www.sunrise-tours.jp/en/</a> 
For requests regarding tours where answers from the tour operator are required in advance, please input in the Remarks field and contact the tour operator.

[Exemptions/Itinerary Guarantee: Itinerary/Destinations]
- The order of activities and arrival times may differ on the day depending on reasons such as road conditions and congestion at destinations.
- Train times may change due to timetable alterations or other reasons.
- Depending on the number of tour participants, transportation to be used may be other than a large bus (mid-size bus, small bus, hired car, taxi, etc.).
- Seats may not be designated.

[Important Notes/Supplements: Meeting/Pick-up/Pick-up Location on Day 1 & Day 2]
JTB Sunrise Tours Sales Office on the 3rd Floor of Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo's Main Tower in Shinjuku
<a href=http://www.keioplaza.com/map/index.html target="blank" class="link">http://www.keioplaza.com/map/index.html</a>
*Customers who are late for the departure time will have their reservations canceled. Please give yourself plenty of time.

[Important Notes/Supplements: Regarding Children/Infants]
- Children up to 5 years old may join free of charge, but will not be provided with bus seats or lunch. If bus seats or lunch is required, please make a booking under the child rate.
Also, at some hotels, a facility usage fee will be required. Please pay at the location.

[Important Notes/Supplements: Regarding Meals]
- For customers that would like a vegetarian meal or Muslim-friendly meal for the Day 1 lunch (for Day 1 Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour only), please make a request at the time of booking. *Muslim-friendly Meals: A menu that does not use pork or alcohol will be provided. Please note that these are not halal certified.
- A set menu meal will be served for lunch on Day 5. For those who would like a vegetarian meal, please make sure to inform us at the time of reservation.
- Please input "0" if there are no customers requesting a vegetarian meal for Day 1 & 5. If requests are not provided in advance, same-day changes cannot be accepted.
- Allergy-friendly meals, gluten-free meals, etc. are not available.
- Lunches (aside from Day 1 & Day 5) and dinners are not included. Meal breaks are not included in the itinerary on Day 2 and Day 4 of the tour. Customers will eat their own lunch on board the train, so purchasing a bento box meal, etc. prior to departure is recommended (before departing from Ueno Station on Day 2, and departing from Kanazawa Station on Day 4).

[Important Notes/Supplements: Accommodation Information]
Requests regarding hotel rooms are accepted, but are not guaranteed. For any requests, please input in the Remarks field and contact the tour operator.

Tokyo Accommodation: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Address: 2-2-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: (0) 3-3344-0111
Website: <a href=https://www.keioplaza.com/ target="blank" class="link">https://www.keioplaza.com/</a>
Guestroom Type: Superior

Kanazawa Accommodation: Hotel Kanazawa
Address: 1-1 Horikawa-shinmachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture
Tel.: (0) 76-223-1111
Website: <a href=https://www.hotelkanazawa.co.jp/english target="blank" class="link">https://www.hotelkanazawa.co.jp/english</a>
Guestroom Type: Twin Plus

Kyoto Accommodation: Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto
Address: 1 Taimatsu-cho, Shiokoji-sagaru, Higashihorikawa-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Tel.: (0) 75-341-1121
Website: <a href=https://www.rihgaroyalkyoto.com/ target="blank" class="link">https://www.rihgaroyalkyoto.com/</a>
Guestroom Type: Superior

[Important Notes/Supplements: About Day 1 Itinerary (Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour)]
- After departure, the tour may stop by at other departure locations to pick up customers. Please note that customers may not disembark for a break here.
- If Mt. Fuji's 5th Station cannot be reached due to road surface freezing, an accident on the Fuji Subaru Line, or weather conditions, the tour will be taken to the highest elevation point possible. No alternative destinations are planned when the tour reaches beyond the 1st Station. When the tour has to turn back at the 1st Station, or when the Fuji Subaru Line is completely blocked, the tour will visit Fujisan World Heritage Center or Lake Kawaguchi Oishi Park. Please note that an alternative itinerary may also be omitted depending on road conditions.
- Due to weather conditions, Mt. Fuji may not be visible even from the base. However, the tour will not be canceled and refunds will not be given for this reason.
- If the Lake Ashi cruise or Komagatake Ropeway cannot be boarded (when not visitable due to suspension of operation, road congestion, or conditions at other sightseeing areas), the tour will be guided to one of the following alternative destinations. (The tour will not be canceled and refunds will not be issued for this reason.)
Swan Lake Cruise Ship on Lake Yamanaka, Odawara Castle, Hakone Venetian Glass Museum, Hakone-en Aquarium, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Pirate Ship, Narukawa Art Museum, Hakone Checkpoint, Lake Kawaguchi Cruise, Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, Itchiku Kubota Art Museum, Hakone Shrine, Oshino Shinobi no Sato, Ninja Bus, etc.
- After the tour, the bus may stop at Hakone area hotels to allow customers on tours with accommodation included to disembark.
- Depending on the season and day of the week, traffic conditions may vary, and arrival time at each location may be considerably delayed. Thank you for your understanding.
- On the day when the annual Mt. Fuji Hill Climb is held, which is usually on a weekend in June (schedule for 2023 is yet to be determined), the Fuji Subaru Line is closed until around 14:00. The tour will proceed on this day as well.
Please note that there will be changes to the itinerary order and sightseeing locations, and the Komagatake Ropeway and Lake Ashi cruise may be changed to alternative itineraries. Furthermore, please note that refunds will not be issued in this case, and customers will not be notified separately when the schedule has been determined.

[Important Notes/Supplements: About Day 2 Itinerary]
- After the Tokyo Morning Tour ends, head to Ueno Station. There will be an accompanying English-speaking assistant until Ueno Station. After arriving at Kanazawa Station, customers are to make their own way to the hotel and check in.
- The arrival time in Kanazawa may be around 16:30 to past 19:00 depending on the reserved Shinkansen conditions and other reasons.

[About Day 3 Itinerary (Kanazawa Half-day Tour)]
- After visiting the last sightseeing location, the tour will end at Kanazawa Station. Customers are to walk on their own from Kanazawa Station to the hotel. Aside from Kanazawa Station, disembarking at the last sightseeing location is also possible.

[About Day 4 Itinerary (Transfer from Kanazawa to Kyoto)]
- After checking out from the hotel in Kanazawa, customers are to make their own way to Kanazawa Station. After arriving at Kyoto Station, customers will be welcomed by an English-speaking assistant who will assist in boarding.
- The arrival time in Kyoto may be around 12:30 to past 14:00 depending on the reserved Shinkansen conditions and other reasons.

[Important Notes/Supplements: About Day 5 Itinerary (1-Day Kyoto Tour)]
- The Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed to visitors on the following days. As such, the tour will visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine instead. If the closed day falls on the 25th, the tour will visit Nishi Hongan-ji Temple. (Mondays, Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday, and whenever there is an Imperial Household event)
- Nijo Castle is closed on Tuesdays in January, July, August, and December. (Closed on the following day if Tuesday is a holiday.) If closed, Ryoan-ji Temple will be visited instead.
- During the Gion Festival (Sakimatsuri, July 15-16), traffic restrictions will be in place.
- Connections from this tour can be made to the "Kyoto Maiko Dinner" and "Kyoto Night Tour."
- Participants will walk from the parking lot to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (about 15 min one-way). Thank you for your understanding.
- The order of activities and arrival times may differ depending on road conditions and congestion at destinations.
- Seats may not be designated.

[Important Notes/Supplements: Other]
- Large luggage such as suitcases will be transported separately from the Day 2 meeting location (Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku Main Building) on the following day to the hotel in Kyoto. Please leave plenty of time to bring your luggage and head to the meet-up.
*One article of standard size luggage per customer will be transported.
*As it is transported separately from Tokyo to Kyoto, please prepare an overnight package for the 2 nights in Kanazawa.

[Important Notes/Supplements: Regarding Luggage on Shinkansen]
- It will not be possible to bring large luggage whose total height, width, and length exceeds 160 cm onto Shinkansen. If bringing large luggage, please make use of a delivery service on your own.

[Important Notes/Supplements: Day 1 & 2 Bus/Hired Car Company]
One of the following:
Fuji Kyuko Kanko Co., Ltd.; Fuji Express Co., Ltd.; Hato Bus Co., Ltd.; Heisei Enterprise Co., Ltd.; Amore Kotsu Ltd.; Tokyo Bus Co., Ltd.; Toto Kanko Bus Co., Ltd.; Asuka Motor Co., Ltd.; Hinomaru Limousine Co., Ltd.; or Teito Motor Transportation Co., Ltd.

[Day 3 Bus/Hired Car Company]
Oriental Co., Ltd.; or Nohi Noriai Jidosha Co., Ltd.

[Day 5 Bus/Hired Car Company]
*In general, Teisan Kanko Bus will be used.
If otherwise, it will be specified in the final itinerary.

*Depending on the number of tour participants, transportation to be used may be other than a large bus (mid-size bus, small bus), a hired car (van, minivan - MK Co., Ltd. or Yasaka Group), or a taxi.

Standard transportation for approximate number of customers:
- Large bus: around 26 people or more
- Mid-size bus: around 11-25 people
- Small bus: around 9-10 people
- Van (hired car): around 5-8 people
- Minivan (hired car): around 3-4 people
- Taxi: around 1-2 people


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